Tips for Low Light Real Estate Photography

images (4) Real estate photographs are some of the most viewed pictures out there. Mostly because people want to buy a beautiful house, and a great way to determine if it’s gorgeous enough is to look at photos of it. But, for those who are taking the pictures, there’s some things to keep in mind before you snap a shot.

When showcasing an area of the house-or apartment-you’re wanting to sell, try taking pictures with all the lights on. That not only decreases your need to bring a lot of lighting equipment with you, but it also naturally shows off the house. Using the lights in the room bring out the definition of space in the room, and even make the colors in it more vibrant. You can also do this with the natural lighting outside. If a room has a large window, open it up and show off how bright and open it makes the room look.

If there are pictures or other reflective surfaces in the room you’re shooting, try to angle the camera enough that the lights don’t bounce off it. That can make the pictures less desirable and ultimately make the shot look tacky and unprofessional. If you’re unable to maneuver enough to get rid of the problem, then just take out, or cover up these surfaces.

If you do need to use a strobe or a portable flash, don’t aim it straight into the shot. a flash sent directly to the center of the room highlights that part of the room only and washes out the rest in shadows. It’s very difficult to make a shot like that attractive to the eye without it coming off as something from a regular digital camera.
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you’ll want to do is direct the flash at a wall or even down at the floor. That will diffuse the flash and spread it out to the rest of the room instead of keeping it in one spot. If the floor is wood, or tile, or anything else that would shine the flash back at you, try aiming it at the ceiling. That might create a sort of ‘halo’ effect, and serve to brighten up the room even more.

However, if you’re not wanting to drown the room in brightness, try dimming or lowering the lighting altogether. If the lights set up in the room are unable to dim, try putting in older bulbs that don’t shine as brightly. This also helps with setting an overall mood in certain scenes that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. If that doesn’t work, try turning off half the lights in the room and not using a flash or strobe. If that comes out too dark then experiment with a strobe or flash. Lighting is very tricky in certain settings, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting the results you want right away. Just play around with what you do have and build up from it.

Real Estate photographs are an important aspect to home sales. However, if your home or condo isn’t well taken care of it is tough to capture the potential in a photograph fully. We often get referrals from clients like, they complete reserve fund studies and see a lot of condos at any time. They often let us know it is important to have financial plans to ensure the building can stay photo worthy. You can contact them here: Taycon Consulting Calgary.

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