Tips for Low Light Real Estate Photography

images (4) Real estate photographs are some of the most viewed pictures out there. Mostly because people want to buy a beautiful house, and a great way to determine if it’s gorgeous enough is to look at photos of it. But, for those who are taking the pictures, there’s some things to keep in mind before you snap a shot.

When showcasing an area of the house-or apartment-you’re wanting to sell, try taking pictures with all the lights on. That not only decreases your need to bring a lot of lighting equipment with you, but it also naturally shows off the house. Using the lights in the room bring out the definition of space in the room, and even make the colors in it more vibrant. You can also do this with the natural lighting outside. If a room has a large window, open it up and show off how bright and open it makes the room look.

If there are pictures or other reflective surfaces in the room you’re shooting, try to angle the camera enough that the lights don’t bounce off it. That can make the pictures less desirable and ultimately make the shot look tacky and unprofessional. If you’re unable to maneuver enough to get rid of the problem, then just take out, or cover up these surfaces.

If you do need to use a strobe or a portable flash, don’t aim it straight into the shot. a flash sent directly to the center of the room highlights that part of the room only and washes out the rest in shadows. It’s very difficult to make a shot like that attractive to the eye without it coming off as something from a regular digital camera.
download (5)What
you’ll want to do is direct the flash at a wall or even down at the floor. That will diffuse the flash and spread it out to the rest of the room instead of keeping it in one spot. If the floor is wood, or tile, or anything else that would shine the flash back at you, try aiming it at the ceiling. That might create a sort of ‘halo’ effect, and serve to brighten up the room even more.

However, if you’re not wanting to drown the room in brightness, try dimming or lowering the lighting altogether. If the lights set up in the room are unable to dim, try putting in older bulbs that don’t shine as brightly. This also helps with setting an overall mood in certain scenes that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. If that doesn’t work, try turning off half the lights in the room and not using a flash or strobe. If that comes out too dark then experiment with a strobe or flash. Lighting is very tricky in certain settings, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting the results you want right away. Just play around with what you do have and build up from it.

Real Estate photographs are an important aspect to home sales. However, if your home or condo isn’t well taken care of it is tough to capture the potential in a photograph fully. We often get referrals from clients like, they complete reserve fund studies and see a lot of condos at any time. They often let us know it is important to have financial plans to ensure the building can stay photo worthy. You can contact them here: Taycon Consulting Calgary.

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Choosing the Right Music to Listen to While Handling Real Estate Photography

RH1561-029-SmallIf you are someone who specializes in the area of real estate photography, then you probably look for ways in which you can best do your work and you probably seek out all of the help that you can get in regard to that profession. When you listen to music while you are snapping photos, you will find that the music can push you to do things in the best way. It is important for you to be at your best when you are taking pictures, and listening to the right kind of music can help you to do things in a good way.


Listen to classical music when you would like to relax in your picture taking and when you would like to make sure that you get every picture that you need to get. If you are looking for the kind of music that is going to help you to handle things well, the kind of music that will keep you entertained while helping you to focus on the job that you need to do, you will find that classical music is a great option for you. Such music will help you to focus and it will help you to stay serious about the task that is before you.


When you are looking for the kind of music that is going to wake you up in a time when you are droopy and you are trying to find something that will give you the energy that you need to handle all of the real estate photography work that you need to get done, you will find that rock music with screaming guitar effects is a great option. When you are picking out music that is going to keep you moving even when you are tired, something with a good beat will do that for (3)


It is important for you to have music that you can listen to as you are working, and you will find that your favorite tunes can help the work day to move along at a good pace. Finding good music can be troublesome but you can visit sites like for inspiration to find great tunes. If you are looking to do your job in the best way and to capture the best photos possible, you will find that listening to music can help with that. There is music out there that will push you to handle your work in a good way. Whether you listen to classical music or you choose to listen to rock music, you will find that music can help with your real estate photography work.

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Listening to Music While Working on Real Estate Photography

images (3)If you are someone who has been given the job of taking pictures of homes, it is important for you to give that job your all and to handle the task before you in the best way possible. When you are someone who works in real estate photography, you need to do the work that is before you in a way that will help you bring about good results. It is important for you to give all that you have to the job, but you still want to have fun while you are working. There are things that you can do in order to enjoy the work that you are doing.

When you listen to music while working on real estate photography, you can have fun with the work that you are doing. When you have your favorite music playing while you are taking pictures, you will find that the music can help to make your experience and enjoyable one. If you are someone who loves music, then you want to take advantage of all that it gives you and the fun times that it can bring about. Choose to listen to music while taking pictures in order to have a fun time with what you are doing.

When you listen to some of your favorite music while you are working, while you are taking pictures of homes, you will feel relaxed. The music that you love the most can help you to feel at peace when you listen to it, and listening to it while you are working can help you to feel at peace in regard to the job that you are doing. You need to stay calm if you are going to do your work in the best way, and you will find that music can provide you with the sense of calm that you are seeking. Your favorite music will help you to relax as you work The Lead Guitar is a great guide for music types and technical aspects of music. They recommend finding music that is calming through the use of guitar pedals.

It is important for the real estate photography work that you do to be work that will be done in the best way. You must dedicate all that you have to give to the work that you need to do. As you are working, make sure that you put in all of the effort that is needed in order to bring about the results that will be best for your clients. Choose to handle your real estate photography work in a way that will help you get things done right.


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How to Take Sales Worthy Pictures of Your Home

download (2)In real estate, the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true. Each house is competing with many others in its given market, so any ethical advantage helps. In real estate listings, the picture is the thing that catches the buyer’s eye, so it is of utmost importance to have an appealing picture. Researchers say that eye movements of people who viewed online home listings revealed that 95% viewed the first picture of the listing, which shows the exterior of the home, for 20 seconds. For that reason, it must capture the attention and make it a viable choice.


For the outside of the home, keep the sun at your back and shining on the front of the home. If the entryway is always in shade, pick a cloudy day to minimize the contrast.  Also, if there are heavy shadows from trees, it is best to shoot the picture on a cloudy day. This is especially important for taking pictures of a roof. Our friends at gave us that tip and it really works.  It is just as important to stage the outside as the inside. Check for clutter. Remove toys, garbage cans, random trash, and other distractions. Move cars out of the driveway. Close garage doors and other exterior doors and windows. Sweep sidewalks and clean spills off the driveway. Trim bushes and trees for their best appearance. When you shoot the picture, check for glare from windows and if needed, try another angle to eliminate this. If shooting in early morning or at twilight, turn on all inside and outside lights, as it creates a welcoming aura. While you are outside, snap pictures of the pool, gazebo, spacious deck, or any other feature that may make your home stand out, like a beautiful roof built by Roofing Contractors Calgary.

For the interior, you want to show off the space and not what is in it. Make sure that the home is clean. Just like the outside, remove any clutter. Put away toys, refrigerator magnets, etc. You will want a fresh, clean look, and clutter of any kind takes away from that look. Use as much natural download (1)lighting as possible. Open curtains and turn on the lights. Avoid taking pictures on dark, cloudy days so that the pictures will not loook gloomy. Shooting from a doorway or corner covers more of the room and
makes it seem bigger. Keep the camera straight, as tilting it makes things appear to be slanted. Use the best features of each room in photographs. If there is a gorgeous view from a certain window, shoot it. If you have special flooring or carpet, shoot it. Show how generous the cabinet space in the kitchen is. Any special feature of a home is worthy of a photograph.


Take many photos and pick the best ones. You can use photo editing software to crop them if needed.

Now lay them all out and see which ones woud appeal to you if you were looking for a home.

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